Golden Week Sales

Golden Week Business Day Announcements.

Open from 4/29 (Thu) to 5/5 (Wed).

5/6 (Thu) and 5/7 (Fri) will be closed, so thank you.

* Only on May 5, the Kuzukawa Public Hall on the southeast side of the store will be a temporary parking lot.

Kashiwa mochi has begun.

The production of Kashiwa mochi began again this year.
It has plenty of bean paste in a solid fabric.
On Saturdays and Sundays, there are two types of yogi and white, and on weekdays, only white is sold.
(The contents will be granulation)
It will be manufactured from April to May, so thank you.

New Year's orders are now available

We are now accepting orders for new year's rice cakes and kagami mochi.
Please make a reservation by phone m(_ _)m

Ministry of candy toys
TEL 0537-22-4833

Golden Week Sales

The business schedule during the Golden Week is here.
Some holidays are irregular, thank you.

4/29 Wedbusiness
4/30 ThursdayClosed days
5/1 (Fri) - 5/5 (Tue)business
5/6 (Wed), 5/7 (Thu)Closed days

Tuesday, May 5, is expected to be crowded, so we recommend early orders and afternoon hours.
*Kashiwamochi will be the main dish on the 5th, so we will not manufacture or sell the soemochi.

As a temporary parking lot only for five days, you can use the Katsuragawa-ku Public Hall (the place that went down the slope on the other side of the road)
Thank you very much.

Sales of Kashiwamochi have started.

Sales of kashiwamochi began again this year♪
We make one by one every morning.
Please enjoy kashiwamochi wrapped in soft dough and plenty of bean paste of our company.
Kashiwamochi will be on sale by the end of May.

※We pay close attention to the prevention of the corona expansion such as the alcohol sterilization in the store now.
If you come to the store, please wear a mask m(_ _)m

Boy's day

The 5/5"Boy's day"Right.
From there wont eat "kashiwamochi" on the boy, but Kashiwa trees sprout until old leaves fall
To symbolize prosperity is good luck.

Taste of Autumn

Be cool, tasty seasonal chestnuts.
Mont Blanc, chestnut cake, chestnut 蒸し羊羹 season only sweets?

Chewy texture puru that it drains

Puru are I and visually, though I click texture!
Is perfect for the hot season!
Served over brown sugar and kinako, chilled(^^)

Seasonal 'corn cake'

June-August, seasonal items'Corn cake'
On mixing maize powder thanks to starch and rice flour, wrapped around the little candy.
Painted Mirin soy on the surface, lift baked over a gas burner, even grilled corn!
Take a look at's the tea this time of year!