Started the kashiwamochi

The kashiwamochi sale opened today.
Kashiwamochi bean contains plenty of on-site.
4Limited edition of 5.

Boy's day

The 5/5"Boy's day"Right.
From there wont eat "kashiwamochi" on the boy, but Kashiwa trees sprout until old leaves fall
To symbolize prosperity is good luck.

Taste of autumn

Be cool, tasty seasonal chestnuts.
Mont Blanc, chestnut cake, chestnut 蒸し羊羹 season only sweets?

Chewy texture puru that it drains

Puru are I and visually, though I click texture!
Is perfect for the hot season!
Served over brown sugar and kinako, chilled(^^)

Seasonal 'corn cake'

June-August, seasonal items'Corn cake'
On mixing maize powder thanks to starch and rice flour, wrapped around the little candy.
Painted Mirin soy on the surface, lift baked over a gas burner, even grilled corn!
Take a look at's the tea this time of year!