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2020April 20th. : Sales of Kashiwamochi have started.
Sales of kashiwamochi began again this year♪
We make one by one every morning.
Please enjoy kashiwamochi wrapped in soft dough and plenty of bean paste of our company.
Kashiwamochi will be on sale by the end of May.

※We pay close attention to the prevention of the corona expansion such as the alcohol sterilization in the store now.
If you come to the store, please wear a mask m(_ _)M

Specialty "振袖餅(ふりそでもち)

Our rich and sweet

Rice pie

All seasons paste

Fluffy roll

Cookie Su

Well congratulations to

Red lacquer at celebration

Candy set can be used in a variety of settings

We are making them carefully! Please feel free to!

Rice cake and service day (mail limited benefits)

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