New Year's accompaniment mochi and noshi mochi reservations are now being accepted!

Right now, we are accepting reservations for New Year's offering mochi and noshi mochi.

1 go: 320 yen
2 Offerings: 640 yen
3 go-940 yen
5 cups: 1570 yen
7 Offerings: 2400 yen
1 offering: 3270 yen
Noshi mochi (2 pieces) ・・ 5000 yen
Noshi mochi (1 square) ・・ 2500 yen

We also accept orders of other sizes and small quantities, so please feel free to contact us.

Higan Closure Information

March 22 (Wed)23 (Thu)is closed.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Kakegawa-Nishi High School Collaboration Products

Planned by Kakegawa Nishi High School, fresh cream daifuku using local Kakegawa tea,MochafukuNow on sale!
This product is fresh cream daifuku made by kneading plenty of tea from Kakegawa into bean paste and mochi dough.
I think ♪ you can convey Kakegawa-Nishi High School's desire to revitalize the area.
Currently, the sales period is undecided, so please take this opportunity to try it ☆

Furisode Mochi Uguisu

Currently, furisode mochi has replaced the usual soybean flour with 'uguisu flour'.
This product will be sold around February ~ April (depending on the stock status of materials).
Please enjoy the taste of the season ☆